Client: Snapivite

What they do: Snapivite is a personalised wedding hub

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Category: Branding

Snapivite is the amalgamation of all the wedding management necessities onto a single platform. Right from the moment you say “Yes” to the time you recite your vows, Snapivite dons the role of your best man or your bridesmaid, ensuring you savor every bit and every moment of this wonderful journey.
The Idea
The essence of Snapivite at its core is: dreams.Dreams of a new beginning, dreams of shared happiness. A sophisticated, minimalist design which conveys the concept of love and togetherness lead us to the logo.
The Development
The main concept in this logo is that of connecting people. The type phase represents 2 figures holding hands representing togetherness.Here in this concept, we have reached to a typography logo all while bringing life to it with a pattern using the letter V. We have very subtly incorporated a heart into the letter V. The simple shapes keep this concept appealing to international aesthetics..

Imagine this as a letter, when packed it flies like a Butterfly and reaches our loved ones and it shares its magic.

“Share the love in a Snap”