A branding company with a story to tell.

In short, that is what we are.

We are one of the many branding agencies in India who strives to stand out from the crowd solely through our designing chops. In a world where design can make or break your company’s image, we at BrandMills make sure your voice is heard loud and clear through the cacophony of voices out there.

Be it a logo, video or a social media post, we believe in leaving the world with a story to ponder over. We spin a tale with substance that will leave your brand etched in the minds of many. Our designers, illustrators and content creators are NOT amazing at what they do, they are just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. (Basically, we are too good).

Some of the brands we have worked with…


As a branding company in India, we have our finger in every pie. Apart from branding and explainer video services we also work on website and social media creatives.

 Brand Identities

We are a passionate group of designers who truly put our all into designing and executing your branding strategy. We do not believe that logos are just random shapes. They are the face of your brand and hence we strive to invoke the right emotion through them.

 Explainer Videos

When you want to form a true bond with your customer, animation videos are the way to go. They simply bring your clients on the same page as you. We breathe life into your brand story and help you communicate your ideas through simple explainer videos.


Any amount of branding is futile if your website does not hold up the same standards. We create websites with the right graphics and content to interest and captivate your visitors.

 Social Media Creatives

In an age where your social media presence can define your brand, the right representation on these platforms is crucial. You want to send out the right vibe to your audience. Creating engaging social media creatives is right down our alley.