Round Glass

Client: RoundGlass Fellows

What they do: RoundGlass, in a nutshell, is an organization who call themselves the league of well-being.

Location: India

Category: Branding

What they are trying to prove and establish is quite a thing.Change the way we see our lives, they tend us to find that passion long hidden inside us and ferry them as ideas.Simply they help people who’re with amazing ideas and make them feel like superheroes.

Superheroes sprouting out, that was the initial visual thought happened to us. It ferries the idea and it is direct to the point.
It is inspiring, intriguing and, in some way, it tells a story more like a fable symbolism.
But we wanted to define an indefinite idea. An idea with no loose ends and no place for a perfection of characteristics.
We tried to establish an infinite component with their name imprinted. Moreover, it should be simple and naive, if a kid can
Recreate this logo on sand with bare hands that is a design that registers.