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10 reasons why DIY logos are a bad idea.

You have an up and running business. Now it is time to stand out from your competitors, build your own brand, your distinct voice in the cacophony of voices out there. It’s time for some branding. Why not do it yourself and save some bucks?! Okay, stop right there!! Bad idea!! In spite of all your Pinterest boards saying otherwise.
How often have you come across horrible logos and atrocious taglines?! Perhaps more often than you should. If you don’t want to join the club, DO NOT DIY your logo.

1. You are not a professional

First and foremost, let’s start with the hard truth, you are not a professional designer who has the experience and the expertise to create a winning logo design. Chances of you DIYing a masterpiece is too feeble to even try.

2. First impressions count

Your logo is the first impression your brand will leave with your potential clients. They are going to be plastered on billboards to letterheads to business cards. Basically, they are going to become the face of your business. If you want to leave your clients impressed, it’s key that your logo meet the standards.

3. Timeless is the word

A logo needs to stand the test of time. While it is important to keep up with the current trends in design, it is crucial that your logo does not get outdated in a couple of years. Constant reworking of the logo is not just a complete waste of time but also might confuse your customer.

4. Versatility trumps all

It is very important that a logo is versatile in nature. It must be scalable enough to be printed on a business card to a t-shirt to a billboard. The logo must be apt to be printed in different formats. For example: black on white, white on black etc

5. Establish your unique identity

Maintaining the uniqueness of your logo is a huge task when creating a DIY design. You might end up with a logo very similar to someone else’s. It is natural that you fall in love with and get inspired by other logos that you come across in your research but it often leads to your logo looking like a sibling of one of those logos.

6. Color choices are crucial

Color might seem like a casual choice that can be made on the fly according to one’s preferences while designing the logo. But it is important to realize all famous logos have been created with great thought into the color choices. They play a psychological role in the reception of the logo. For example, Red stands for warm, exciting, sexy, and urgent and so on.

7. Shape too has its own psychology

Shape is also another crucial factor that has a huge influence on the impact of your logo and the mood and vibe it conveys. For example, squares and triangles suggest stability in more practical terms and can also be used to imply balance. While doing a DIY logo, these nuances are often overlooked.

8. An inappropriate font can spoil it all

The right choice of font is important to maintain the balance of the logo. A frequent mistake made by DIY-ers is the unbearable choice of font, which does not add any value to the logo but rather the opposite. It is wise to choose a classic, timeless font but that might not always work for your particular brand.

9. Random pretty images are useless

Logos shouldn’t be just pretty shapes and images. They should speak to your target audience and convey the mood and message of your business. A random shape without meaning is prone to fail more often than not.


10. Too busy and lose focus

It is not unusual for the DIY logos to go overboard with ideas. A good logo must be targeted and try to focus on the message it wants to put forth. Often while DIYing logos, you might have too many ideas and often the focal message gets drowned amongst all the other voices.

In short, though DIY might be an economical option but it isn’t the wisest. It could be the difference between your success and failure. So go ahead and hire a designer to create a logo that represents all that your business stands for.


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