Whitefang Branding

Client: WhiteFang

What they do: WhiteFang is a brand of the modern times that focuses primarily on adventure and sports gear.

Location: China

Category: Branding

WhiteFang is a brand of the modern times that focuses primarily on adventure and sports gear. Their core belief revolves around the concept of transformation. The name WhiteFang was drawn from the famous novel by Jack London by the same name. The idea is that human beings at our fundamental selves are adventurous creatures and WhiteFang encourages the unleashing of that very spirit. As a brand with a strong grasp of who they are and what they stand for, our challenge was to capture the soul of the brand in digital format and design, not just a logo but also a complete branding platform. One which will not just express the brand the right way to its target audience but also leaves an impression.
In line with the spirit of the brand, we devised a brand strategy. We came to a conclusion that as an adventure and sports brand, with the idea of transformation at its focal point, a very dynamic and aggressive logo will be apt for the brand. We decided to focus on the emotion that the logo and branding, in general, must evoke. This according to our discussions and subsequent understanding of the brand was a spirit of adventure and energy. We were clear that the branding must be simplistic yet powerful and drive home the idea.
We approached WhiteFang branding with a clear idea of what the brand stands for and that was translated into the branding concept. Care was given to create a visual identity for the brand which is scalable and at the same time is unique in every respect. The visual storytelling was carefully planned to express the aggressiveness and the vigorous nature of the brand while the collage format of the presentation is a clear nod to the traditional aspect of design. It is also a graphic representation of how something when putting out of its inherent environment, stands out. With a clean design approach and bold elements and colors, we have created a young and spirited visual.
Working alongside team WhiteFang, we developed a logo that best represents the brand. We decided to go with a graphical and minimal representation of a fang as we believed that it will best capture the aggressive and beastly nature of the brand. In accordance with the golden ratio and inspiration driven from the energy symbol, the logo was conceptualized.
The Execution
The Steinheide logo was designed based on the theory of golden ratio and divine proportion which is a rule embraced by designers, architects and painters all over the world. A proportion satisfies the golden ratio when its dimensions give a value of 1.6180 when the bigger number is divided by the smaller. This is said to be a “perfect shape”. Appearing throughout the human form as well as in nature, it has extensive influence on the perception of beauty. The shield in the Steinheide logo follows the divine proportion where its length to breadth ratio is 1.6180. Further, the lion is designed using the application of the ratio in geometry, or the golden spiral. The design, following the client’s requirement, depicted a masculine lion and hence we opted for a font that is androgynous to maintain the balance.