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Disclaimer: If this seems like the About us page of every other branding agency on the planet it is an honest mistake. We are just not very good at industry jargon. What we are good at is story telling. So here is our story.

Once upon a time (not very long ago) a few guys decided that they want to change the world. They were no superheroes who could go invisible or read minds. (That would have been pretty cool though) They decided to do the one thing they were good at: Design. So they started changing the world, one logo one video at a time. Just like that BrandMills came into existence.They gave up their steady jobs and started off with a single system in a tiny little apartment. People might have called them crazy but they called themselves visionaries. (Now that is a mandatory line in every superhero story right?) Gradually, they, with their designing abilities carved a niche for themselves in the branding world. The BrandMills family expanded. They moved out of the tiny apartment into cool office spaces. But one thing didn’t change and that was their passion for great design, amazing stories and their unique point of view.Today as one of the many branding agencies in India who has made a name for themselves, BrandMills is standing tall and forging on ahead with their original vision of changing the world with their design.




So what do we do?

Well, we are a design studio. A little too vague?! Well, that is because we are a mix of a lot of things from designers to dog lovers, from content writers to foodies, from illustrators to footballers we are a bunch of wacky characters who are connected by our sheer love for creation.

We specialize in creating Brand identities, explainer videos, social media creatives and websites for startups and other ventures who need a voice to their brand story. We become that voice.

We do not do the

Millers are creative people. Weird, but creative. We believe that the ordinary is a “sin” and it puts us to sleep. So we strive for the extra. The extraordinary. Out of the quintessential box. The road less traveled. Well, you get the drift.

So come to our studio, grab a coffee and let’s create the magic that will take your business to the heights you have always dreamt of.



Brand Identities

We are a passionate group of designers who truly put our all into designing and executing your branding strategy. We do not believe that logos are just random shapes. They are the face of your brand and hence we strive to invoke the right emotion through them.
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Explainer Videos

When you want to form a true bond with your customer, animation videos are the way to go. They simply bring your clients on the same page as you. We breathe life into your brand story and help you communicate your ideas through simple explainer videos.
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Any amount of branding is futile if your website does not hold up the same standards. We create websites with the right graphics and content to interest and captivate your visitors.
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Social Media Creatives

In an age where your social media presence can define your brand, the right representation on these platforms is crucial. You want to send out the right vibe to your audience. Creating engaging social media creatives is right down our alley.
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